Lebanon Here and There!


This is one hell of a place! I have to say I dont know how a person could work here! Working all morning and then out all night! So many places to see and to be! So many beautiful people! I always knew that I liked Lebanese people, and now I know why! Everyone is just so damn nice, friendly, funny as hell, and its fun as hell hanging out with some friends and meeting their friends! I literally don’t stop in my place for long and I’m not getting much sleep! Work and Lebanon just don’t mix well! I dont think I will get much sleep tonight either, and I have meeting at 8 am in the morning plus my flight!

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Mo Hat

    the only lebanese that really blows loves macs and is a male…… :P

  2. well if you prepare before hand then wouldn’t u have time to have fun?
    and why wouldn’t your work give at least one day off there, i think you deserve it (in my opinion that is) :p
    well, i hope you enjoy it while it lasts

  3. Sounds fun!!

    Man, I better go and see Lebanon soon…I still haven’t seen it yet.

  4. I hope you have a great flight back to Kuwait!

    We are planning to visit Lebanon sometime next year… The away you talk about it makes me so excited!!! :D

  5. Mo Hat: loool!

    Laialy: work is nonstop, as long as I can breath, they say you can work! hehehe

    Angelo: Its extremely worth it!

    Nora: yeah its nice, really really nice!

    vampire: looool!

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