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Travel Entertainment


On the plane I had a few things stored on my laptop to watch. Suprisingly I didn’t have time before to watch the last episode of Heroes before the April 23 airing!

Heroes Episdoe 18 is one hell of an episode! I really wasn’t expecting that! So much happened and so many questions, so many new paths have opened and the dots are connecting! And for the first time we have seen Lindermen! Damn, wasn’t expecting that! I can’t wait to see more! I want to see more! I don’t know whats going to happen towards the end of the season but the wait for next season is going to kill me!

I also wastched Naruto Shippuuden Episode 6 & 7! And now I want the other episodes! This is the difficult part when your following a show episode by episode! A crazy fight took place but now there is a big fight ahead and I’m not sure whats going to happen next, but one thing is for sure! Its going to be big!

I’m also happy I charged my mp3 player!