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1.1 Million Bugs


We started off a bit late as we were going to Saudi, our meeting had an open time so we were open to what time we were supposed to get there!

We got to the border in less then 40 minutes so we were making good time! To do that I took off the front plate and gunned it all the way to the border, just before the border I stopped and put the plate back on! As we were going through customs, the Kuwaiti customs really really didn’t feel like being there and they were a bit annoying. Suprisingly the Saudi border was nice and they were cordial, I was suprised by the difference. And the Kuwaiti vehicle registration guy jumbled the paperwork so that it said Ahmady instead of Hawally for my vehicle registration paper that they give you to give to the Saudi vehicle guy, but the Saudi officer let me pass and told me to tell him to do it right the next time!

As soon as we cross the border and I directed in the correct direction, I put my cruise control on 195 Km/h because the Landcruiser has a limiter, I couldn’t go faster, I would if I could!

It was a nice drive and we passed a lot of vehicles so I didn’t have any issues! It was a straight line to Damaam, and we made it in good time, but when we got there I jumbled up the directions a bit since I ended up at the airport instead of downton! I was expecting something like that happen!

We left around 6:00pm so the sun was almost gone but the sky seemed someone lit up! Then we stopped Khafji to get a bite to eat since we didn’t have a bite to eat since 10am that morning!

Then we got to the border and when I crossed back into the Kuwaiti border! We gunned it all the way back. I dropped off my boss and then headed to work for a bit! It was a good experience and a good meeting! Lots of traveling these past couple of days!