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I can’t blame all the people that love this place! The people, the food, and the atmosphere are all great, what I like the is the abundance of nice restaurants and nice places to go to in Beirut and the surrounding areas. I barely had time to rest in my room since I was out until late at night and I had meetings early in the morning, the surprising part was that I wasn’t that tired until I got back to Kuwait.

There is one thing that comes to mind when driving in Lebanon its called Organized Chaos, its about how much the other person will give and how much your willing to risk while driving. From what I understood the tax they put on new vehicles is around 60% if you import the car and try to pay the import fees, that is a steep amount. Suprisingly I saw a lot of Ferraris, BMWs, and other nice cars with Lebanese plates and some nice numbers as well. I barelly had anytime to go to any of the shopping areas because of work and going out with friends. I barely even had enough time to take pictures since I was running around so much, I will be visiting again and I hope soon just to explore it properly and at my own pace. We also visited some family friends who are staying in Lebanon for the time being in the mountain areas above Hamdoon. Lebanon has a very nice mix, you have access to an amazing City Life, and you can have the relaxing lifestyle in the Mountains as well, just beautiful. I just hope things work out in Lebanon since its a such a beautiful place and the people are all amazing, its sad seeing things not working out, I just hope it does soon.

Places I really liked:


  • Claudias
  • Mhanna
  • Julias
  • Zinc


  • Krystal
  • Casino
  • Zinc
  • Matees

Boutique Hotel:

  • Albergo

These are just some of the nice places, and there are a lot of places I know I didn’t have a chance to visit or even see how the shopping is after all this time. I just have to say that it is really worth a visit. I hope to be going back again in the near future when I have enough time.