MTC Problems


I have been having some issues with MTC over the past weekend, they have been driving me up the wall! My usual phone bill is between 110 to 200 KD a month depending on how much international calls I have to make. I always pay on time and I dont have any issues.

My recent bill from MTC was around 380 KD which is rediculous since its way more then what I expected. They seem to be charging whatever suits them at this point. I made sure it got paid, but the next day while I was in Lebanon my phone was disconnected, after contacting the MTC contact center they said it was a mistake and that the billing didn’t show that it was paid earlier until now. They said they would return the service.

To return the service it was supposed to take 10 minutes to an hour. It took over 9 hours for my phone to start working again, then the other issue was that none of my services were working, I didn’t have Call Waiting, Caller ID, Call Forwarding, and anything else I had. I had to keep calling back to check if it was activated, and none of the services were activated again until 48 hours later. I wasn’t getting pissed at the call center people since it wasn’t their fault and they kept apologizing, even the managers were apologizing because they were having a problem with their system!

Get the phone back to normal drove me nuts, and I asked for a full detail of last month’s bill to see what phone calls I was getting charged for and how did it get so rediculous! I’m just pissed that it took MTC this long to return all the services!

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  1. Carlsb3rg

    and it makes think again.. why people are still using MTC

  2. Calrsb3rg: I have had the number for too long!

    BLaSha: Thats an understatment!

    Fayoor: I did, but I know it won’t go anywhere!

  3. Carlsb3rg

    Well.. I also heard they’re gonna make all the numbers usable a cross both (or three) networks. Like in the US/UK.

  4. Carlsb3rg: that would be fantastic, MTC would lose so many customers! hehehe! I dont think that would happen really!

  5. i am a bit speechless … are you serious !! 200kd for a phone bill
    i have $50 in my prepaid phone and it’s been there for a month

  6. you talk too much ,

    you have a girlfriend or something ?!

    your company should cover up ur bills if you use it for work

  7. MTC! They have CRISIS hal ftra… latloomhom ;p

    Mushkila 300 KD waay alla y3eeeeeeenk ya Marzooq :(

    QTEL now sharw il wa6nya! They have increased m3ashat il mw’6feen 25% ! I gs ra7 ynzloon as3arhom ;D NSHALLA :p w the third company b3d 1 year bt6l3!

    qtel 3ajebeen.. they r PROFESSIONAL Walla (i work with them in project in QATAR) So I expect a good future for wa6nya! MTC if they lower their bills it will be GREAT! U KNOW WHAT? IN QATAR, bcoz qtel is 7koma company, they dont charge for mobile service, but a small yearly fees! THEIR LOCAL CALLS ARE FREEEEEEEE! WOW

    There was a study that says KUWAIT has the highest mobile services prices! m3ana LONDON-Vodafone is higher lil ! But I beleive hal study coz MTC r eating our pockets!

    good luck to all of u.. long time 3an ur blog Marzoq

  8. Laialy: yeah! I have a lot of business phone calls to different countries!

    Financy: I have a lot work phone calls! More then friends calling me! They cover some!

    Sum1: Happy you enjoy the blog! Yeah I agree that MTC is eating more then their share of the pie! I don’t know why it is like this sometimes! They don’t even understand customers who pay all the time! Qtel will be interesting, but the Kuwait market is extremely competitive so that will be interesting for sure!

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