Out of It


Sorry people! I haven’t been able to post much while in Lebanon since I barely even slept while I was there! Work all day and out all night! I think I only got an accumalitive 4 hours of sleep this whole weekend its insane! And on the last day I ate something that just didn’t agree with me.

So I had a minor case of food poisoning, and I was nauseated the whole time I was on the plane. It really didn’t feel good! I’m feeling a lot better after a whole days rest on saturday. I didn’t do much all day since I decided not to go to work, I would have been useless. I stayed in bed and I was reading my book for over 4 hours, and I am really enjoying the book. My stomach feels a little sensitive though, but a lot better, my system is pushing it out. I went to the doc and he said I need a couple more days and I shouldn’t eat oily foods since it will cause things to get unsettled.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. il.7mdlah 3alla salamtek..

    0o salamaat hope you feel better soooon.. food poisoning sucks bss inshalal ull feel better sooon..
    what are you reading.. adrii legafa bss youv been reading for 4 hrs so akeed its a good book ;p

  2. 1. salamaat
    2. 7amdillah 3alla el salamah
    3. reading a book! are you sure you’re ok? :p

  3. Salamat hon, you should join my sick club it’s thriving I believe :P

  4. Loca in Kuwait

    Salamat, I hope you get better. Ginger Ale or sprite and crackers, lived on them for a month after my trip to Egypt. Get well soon Z

  5. Big B

    Salamat bro, i was just discussing with friends yesterday that i am not enjoying the blogs for the past four days as there have not been enough posts, get well soon :)

  6. jewaira

    Get better soon! We miss you..

  7. Hehehehe awwwwwww… well dude think of it this way .. your starting to build your immunity towards some of the food in Lebanon :D next time you would actually eat it without having to feel sick afterwards :P

  8. Mani

    Get Well soon!

  9. Amo0ora: alah esalmich! I was reading Priestess of the White, real good fantasy book!

    Laialy: Alah esalmich, yeah I like reading but not enough time! hehehe

    jacqui: looool! Alah esalmich!

    Loca: Thanks! I’m feeling a lot better, just a bit weak!

    Big B: Thanks! I will try getting back to the same pace as before! hehehe

    jewaira: Thanks! :)

    lebinbah: loooool! I think what I ate wasn’t supposed to be eaten! hehehe!

    Mani: thanks!

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