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Out of It


Sorry people! I haven’t been able to post much while in Lebanon since I barely even slept while I was there! Work all day and out all night! I think I only got an accumalitive 4 hours of sleep this whole weekend its insane! And on the last day I ate something that just didn’t agree with me.

So I had a minor case of food poisoning, and I was nauseated the whole time I was on the plane. It really didn’t feel good! I’m feeling a lot better after a whole days rest on saturday. I didn’t do much all day since I decided not to go to work, I would have been useless. I stayed in bed and I was reading my book for over 4 hours, and I am really enjoying the book. My stomach feels a little sensitive though, but a lot better, my system is pushing it out. I went to the doc and he said I need a couple more days and I shouldn’t eat oily foods since it will cause things to get unsettled.