Day Going By!


Its just one of those days where at the end of the night you wonder what the hell happened all day!

  • 6:00am (Woke Up)
  • 7:00am (Got Stuck in Traffic)
  • 7:40am (At work)
  • 9:00am (Started a Presentation)
  • 1:00pm (Finished a Presenation)
  • 4:00pm (Went for one last meeting)
  • 5:00pm (Got a good bit to eat at home)
  • 5:30pm (At airport some family was arriving and wanted to see them)
  • 6:00pm (Got home)
  • 8:00pm (Stopped playing Oblivion since its so damn addictive and I had to go to my grand parents house for a family dinner which was fun)
  • 10:00pm (Got home)
  • 10:05pm (I am on the net)
  • 1:20 am (Went to sleep)

And I will probably wake up at 6:30am at this rate!

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. i would be unfunctionable (i know this is not a word but i like it, and yet i’ll post it on my blog right after i submit this comment) if i slept for only 5 hours

  2. I had to stay up last night and I hated it, hated every bloody minute of it, I want more sleep but thank god I don’t have an afternoon shift!

  3. one hell of a day,, ur body needs more sleeping hours,, this will affect u in the long term

  4. Laialy: looool! I have to function there is work to do!

    Jacqui: Damn that is horrible! Get some rest! At least you don’t work both shifts! hehehe

    Vampire: some day in my life I will sleep!

    Nora: hell yeah!

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