IPod Family!


I really like this picture and how it depects all the Ipods over the years and the different ones that came out! They say its a success, I say thats an understatment! They made it into a trendy icon that an average computer user up to a technology savy user loves having them. Apple did something right!

Link: Engadget

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  1. aaaaaaawwwwww thats sooo cute!!
    and like u said a very smart achievment! they grew and spread so fast!

    theres my lil nano over there ;)

  2. nice pic, imagine it in 5 years time:p

  3. And now everyone has at least two ipods whether its a nano and a shuffle or an ipod video with the shuffle.. Everyone is just always psyched about getting the iPod.

  4. not just those who are technologically savvy are into them .. i have my mom using one and she can barely send attachments in emails correctly :p

  5. no3ik: hehehe! They did grow right!

    Qaiss: Its from Engadget! I bet it will be huge!

    Jacqui: seriously! everyone gets worked up about these machines!

    Laialy: I know! Seriously! everyone has one and they love it!

  6. aww i love them..

    i have the 3rd one down, the touch-pad one and i love it..
    even tho its not colored or has video i still like it more than the rest madrii laish..

    i like how its unique, i never see alot of ppl holding it ;p

  7. I want a new one ;/
    its so scratch and dirty
    i left in the car yesterday and theres this botch on the screen that wont go
    i tried cleaning it with water,,,wouldnt go
    then i did spmething stupid
    i put nail polish remover on it
    i made it worse
    now i have a smudgy screen

    ME no Happy

  8. I like it …. are you Mac user …. ot just iPod fan

  9. Wow that is impressive. I’m surprised that I know all the models…even though I wound up with only 2 in my life (iPod Mini, and iPod Video).

  10. I love my new shuffle, it’s so tiny and I’m so in love with it!!! I clip it on and I only stop using it when I ran outta battery

  11. Amo0ora: Its like one big family! hehehe

    DR: looool! You want a new one now! hehehe! Nail polish remover really? And I have done worse typing in the dark before! hehehe

    MiLyAnI: Nope! I’m neither, I don’t have a MAC or a fan of iPod, I’m a fan of Apple’s philosophy and designs! :)

    Angelo: hehehe! I was surprised I knew them too! Its entertaining to see this many!

    Lamyaa’a: Happy you liked the tree! If you like your apple thats all that matters! :)

    BLaSha: Yeah that thing is tiny!

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