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Project: Custom Helmet!


I have been thinking about this for a while but I wasn’t aware of the best artists to do the work and some who is trust worthy. Since I would be sending my helmet to them to have the work done and I would really have to trust them to do the work right and handle my helmet with care.

I have finally found two amazing artists in the US recommended by two people who have had their helmets done and they are really happy with the job done and the quality of work.

This came to mind since I wanted something that would fit the color of Pyro but its unique and something simple! This is alot more difficult then it sounds, the above helmets are something I like. I really like the Pedrosa Helmet (The Blue One), and I thinking of using that sun and incorporating into my design! I have too think of my own design and get some ideas from other helmets to make a combination I ike! I don’t want something too busy and I don’t want something too bland.


As of right now this is what I think the design must have:

  • Ducati 1098 Red
  • Black
  • Grey/Dark Grey (As a Shadow)
  • The Number “24

These are just a few things that I have come to conclusion that I want, but sitting and drawing a couple of sketches will be the most difficult part, the artist can’t do that for you since only you would know what you really want. So I’m just going to keep trying different looks between paper and photoshop to see how this goes!