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The Transplant!

Last time I used a Sony Ericsson was back in 2000 when they first came out with the bluetooth headset and I remember that it was a black and white screen but damn it was dependable!

Now I was switching between a Nokia to a Sony Ericcson and I didn’t want to install any software on a computer to complete the transfer! So I decided that I dont need to keep any of the old text msgs, I just want my numbers!

The Process:

  • I established a full trusted bluetooth connection between the W880i and the E60.
  • I decided how I wanted to start off the transfer to keep it manageable, I would do it by numbers and letters starting from the bottom going up!
  • So I start with 7, then 3, then Z, then Y, and all the way up to A
    • So for Z I would Mark all the names that start with Z and then start a bluetooth transfer to the W880i, and then I would compare all the names starting with Z between the phones before proceeding to the next letter or number until I was finished, a few times I was lazy about checking so I think I had a few missing which I will find out with time!
  • This whole process took about an hour and a half because of the checkin and marking, the bluetooth transfers were extremely fast.

As of right now I’m really enjoying how light this phone is, and I have to say that it is decently loud for its size, but you barely feel the vibrate feature of this phone. The menu is simple enough but I keep end phone calls when I want to just clear something, its all really funny getting used to it, but I am enjoying it. I will post a full review after thurough usage!