Eva Solo Tea Brewer Set


This is the most innovative tea brewer I have seen! You put the tea leaves in the middle tube and you pour the water into it easily. The plunger keeps the tea at the bottom while you let the water soak it in. Then you can pour the tea without the tea leaves falling out. It also has a jacket which you can zip up to hold it! Very Original and only for $90.

Link: UnCrate

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. this is pretty old to me,, we have one here for about 3 years

  2. that looks pretty nice
    but the only time i drink tea like that is at my grandfathers house, otherwise it’s in a mug with carnation milk in it

  3. My mommy has one but not way as nice as that one.
    I like the shape and the little jacket, too!
    Girls love accessories of any kind, even on a tea brewer- LOOOOL! :)

  4. I’ve seen many of those kind of things already! There are some for coffees too! I like them! We have the one for the coffee, because we are coffee drinkers in most of Europe! ;)

  5. Vampire: This is just a different design! I think it looks cool!

    Laialy: I just think this is something different! I don’t drink tea either but I like it!

    NoNoWa: looool! Happy you like it!

    Nora: loool! Coffee Drinkers! hehehe!

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