First Weekend!!!


This is the first weekend I have been in town for a while now! Too much work and too much traveling! This weather is insane! I don’t know what happened but the sand storm is kicking in at high gear! I was planning on going to pick up dvds, but it seems like the government is on the move again and they are just trying to catch these guys who sell dvds in Hawally! This is annoying! I would buy original if they allowed into the country without any issues! I have a few options though!

Tonights List:

  • 24
  • Soccer game at 9:30pm (Some friends want to watch and I dont mind!)
  • Going to search through the movie list I got! I think I might start dlin movies at this rate!

I want to ride this weekend and watch The Unit and maybe some anime!

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. hopefully the weather gets better, do u ride in the rain?

  2. If todays weather is any indication of the coming weekend, I guess I too will have to get some DVDs and stay at home on the weekend :(

  3. Yep, weekend is guna suck!! I am ordering my DVD’s right now and they shud be delivered tonight.
    Ba3ad, there is nuthin else to do, so movies is a must. And popcorn, and ice cream, and chips and dip…. It looks like I might be havin a party with all the crap I am guna be eatin’!! Yella better than nuttin…
    Hope u get to go ridin. My hubby keeps tellin me rain or shine he has to go!! He hardly ever misses a Friday ride- they are his fav.

  4. Do they really give trouble with getting movies? Why is that?

    Hope you’ll end up having a good weekend, dear! We’re still on our Easter holidays till Monday! ;)

  5. Laialy: Yeah I do ride in the rain! hehehe!

    Mathew: Yeah, staying in the basement is essential!

    NoNoWa: Icecream.. hhhmmm Now that is something I should have put on the menu! hehehe! Yeah I think I will be riding friday morning! I gotta ride!

    Nora: Customs are idiots and they just stop it! Its annoying! Enjoy the holiday!

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