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Hurricane Rider!!


I woke up this morning and saw that it was sunny and I couldn’t see any clouds so I decided to take my bike to work! It was an enjoyable ride and I took a different route then the usual way. It was great, and then suddenly around 12pm it started raining hard for about 20 mins and I was lucky I moved my bike under a parking cover. I didn’t mind a little water on the road since I ridden in the wet before.

As I left work I filled up gas at Adaliya Gas station and took down the 2nd ring road to the gulf, a little drips of water here and there but it was fun. I knew there were almost no riders on the road since most would be insane to go out in this weather, but since I was out I didn’t mind getting a little wet and it didn’t look like it was going to rain again. As I was going down the Gulf Road and getting close to Marina it started raining a bit, and when I got at the light next to Marina Mall is started raining like crazy! It didn’t stop it just got harder and there was another biker wearing no gear, he was getting ripped apart by this weather, I was comfortable in my clothing even though I knew it wasn’t water proof.

Then the rain started getting harder and as I crossed Bida’a round about after Blajaat street I was getting hit by something and I look up to see hail hitting my face mask! It was hitting and hitting hard! Suddenly everyone was pulling over, I thought screw it! I was going to get hit either way so I kept on riding and it felt like somebody was pinching me hard! I was in a damn BATTLE!! It was insane! I loved it! I don’t know why, but I loved it! I had good music, my senses were on overload, I was just watching out for cars and the road was flooded! I was getting hard but I was just laughing! I somehow managed to get home but I really enjoyed the ride! It is just one of those things that happens and you make it through!!!

I knew things were getting worse when I could slowly feel the water in every part of my body! Every PART! Everything was soaked, it was hilarious! My jeans and t-shirt changed colors! From lighter to darker from gettign soaked! It was great!

When I started! It was 27C in the morning when I got home it was 20C! What a day, I got soaked, rode through deep water, the tires were amazing! Pyro was having fun, I was having fun, and I took a nice shower after that! Pyro is a champ in the rain!