Apple Leopard – Delayed (October)


There has been a long wait for this latest development from Apple and it seems it has been delayed to October because they wanted to make the Launch of the iPhone. I’m assuming its going to be worth the wait since there are a lot of features and developments for this OS. So we shall see what happens from now until October. I’m thinking about getting a MacMini with the OS installed and connect to my KVM just to try out the OS! I bet it will be good, and the MacMini is a small investment just to try it out and use it.

Link: Engadget

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  1. Delay is not good but I guess it’s for OSX’s good because I am sure it will be a blast once it’s out.

    Investing in a MacMini? Sounds good though I’m sure you’ll regret not getting a better Mac. ;)

    Good luck.

  2. Oh I was just reading about this! I don’t like posting about computers so I didn’t make a post, but just open your blog and see it there!! :)
    I shouldn’t be reading anything except your blog! You have the latest news about everything man… ;)
    Yes they delayed it from June to October as you said! I’m not an Apple fan, but my mum uses it, so I do check them every now and then.

  3. i must say i am pretty satisfied with my Macbook even though more often than usual i have to go back to my PC to do some things

  4. Lailaly_q8, Going back to your PC? How about Boot Camp / Paralles WS ?

  5. buzer

    thats right it is delayed but that shows the rumors about launching the iphone ahead of it time is true because of the decreasing price of their share prior to Job’s keynote because all of the (buzz) it got from everywhere…..u will love the mac i been using pc all my life and mac 4 the past 2 years it is way better in every aspect mac is the best personal computer out there and the OS is amazing..hope u will like it.

  6. MacaholiQ8: I agree, they delayed it but it will be better for the OS overall! And I think the MacMini will work fine for someone like me! Its about getting used to it and not too much of an investment!

    Nora: loool! I think that apples are pretty nice even though I use the PC 99% of the time! I try to cover some topics and interesting news! hehehe

    Laialy: I know what you mean! Its great to work on but sometimes you need a PC!

    mishref: yes that is another option!

    buzer: I think the Mac is great but I just haven’t gotten around to it! and I agree its worth waiting for the OS, but like you said its some interesting info! thanks!

  7. Marzouq :

    You said it . It’s a great OS.. no other OS comes close to the mac OS. most businesses are coverting to the mac OS after the switch to intel chips , You should consider getting a mac . Jack Bauer uses one.. why won’t you ? :-)

  8. G-Funk: loool! I haven’t seen any business here or the states which are completely Apple! hehehe! And you need to watch 24, Jack Bauer uses an Alienware in the beginning since they had the contract and then Dell took over for buying Alienware, Mark thought the same thing until he noticed they are all Dell! I know all about Jack! hehehe!

  9. Marzouq:

    You are probably blind or something.!? :-) mostly everybody at CTU uses a MAC. Macbook pro’s and mac mini’s.. Nadia’s station is a mac. she almost carry a macbook pro. even the first season of 24 . Jack’s office at CTU had a Powermac G4. … and trust me i know a mac when i see one :-)

    Businesses in Kuwait are switching to mac’s .. “Icarus” a Medical supply compnay in Kuwait is All mac operated . And in the states as well. most companies are switching to the mac . and other copanies here and there are soon to follow .

    Just because to are not into macs that much doesn’t mean that nobody else is using it :-)

  10. G-Funk: She used one but look at all the PCs milo, edgar, chloe and the ctu tactical team!!! One or two macs is ok but look around! hehehe! One company but look at every financial company and government entity, all windows and 97% of the workforce is in the government! I like macs but they are not in 24!!! hehehe!!!

  11. im a new switcher, i got my mackbook pro last month and i love everyhting about it, the sleek desigh, camera , bluetooth, …etc .. the best thing is MAC OS X .. its reliable and fast even when ur running multiple applications. i also have vista runnig through boot camp which is great!! .. its a great machine. by the way .. for the people talking about 24 star using a mac .. its something normal .. mac dominate 95% of Hollywood advertisement ..but only covers about 2% of the real market !! . .. so get used to seeing them in every single movie .. every single episode of ur fav tv show :)

  12. Marzouq :

    That’s why whenever you go to a financial or govrenment facility in kuwait have their systems down or corrupted :-) that’s because of windows. :-)

    I know that you are abit defencive when it comes to PC’s Vrs. Mac’s :-) And I’m sorry to know that you weren’t paying attention in 24’s first season . and the rest of them “even the current season” .

    No matter what you say.. Mac’s are much more reliable than any windows system out there. Just because windows or i should say “microsoft” dominate the market doesn’t mean that they are the best ! just because you can run windows OS on any hardware that doesn’t make them better. FYI .. the most reliable and stable Systems are Unix based machines .. And mac OSX is a Unix based system . you can run the command line from right within the OS.. while on windows.. you need a clilent to log into unix command lines. .

    Most pro IT Admins prefer macs / Unix than any other system..

    And Kuwait is not a place to compare the market to .. FYI. there are places in kuwait that are still stuck with windows 3.11 and DOS. :-)

    And one more thing . ! Jack still uses a MAC :-p

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