Chill Weekend

This was a relaxing weekend but I didn’t get much sleep over the past couple of days. I have been up late watching anime most of the time! The weather was acting up and we were having multiple seasons all in one day.



Relaxed with the guys, had a laugh and we got to watch two important things:

  • 24 Episode 16
  • The Unit (Its turning out to be a good show)
  • And a movie!
  • The grub was good!


Got drenched from the Hurricane, and I had lunch at my Uncle’s pad which was fun, and then I went home to start a lockdown in the basement! I haven’t watched that much anime one go in a long time!

I started at 7pm and watched:

  • Desert Punk
  • Planetes
  • Guyver TV

and some computing and gaming in between.

I ended up going to sleep at 6:30am since I wasn’t sure if it was going to rain or not.



I woke up at 11:20am and I saw that it was sunny, so I showered up and headed out on the bike! I was going to have lunch at my brother’s place at 2:00pm.

When I got to my brothers place I saw my nephew and that was really nice! And I saw my niece and she is growing up! She is only a few months old and adorable! After lunch though I passed out on their couch for about an hour and a bit. It was nice! After then I got up and continued riding for a bit! Then I went home to watch some anime.

Then I watched 24 episode 17 which was insane! Things have just gone overboard!!! I have no clue what Jack is going to do next! Its going to be an insane over the next coming episodes!

We also watched The Unit which is pretty interesting!

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. FNL’s Season Finale was last week it’s amazing truly amazing! The show really pulled it through from the first episode to the last it showed how fast it grew and how mature it is right now.

  2. *dreaming about those kids of weekends*
    right now most of weekend goes to sleep and school work :(

  3. Jacqui: I can’t wait to watch it! I knew it was a damn good show!!

    Laialy: looool! alah esa3dich!

  4. Nora: it seems, I just did a lot! hehehe!

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