Review: Timbaland Shock Value


I have always been a huge fan of Timbaland since back in the day and all his work with Aliyah. I have been hearing a lot of hype regarding this album and this hype isn’t even enough for this album. The beats, sounds, lyrics, and everything put together make for an amazing album. Usually you get 3 maybe 4 tracks on album that you like and thats if your lucky. I can’t believe that I loved every track on his album, it just gets my blood pumping and my mind going. So many different types of tracks that really shows timbalands talents as a musician and producer. I really recommend this CD for anyone who enjoys any form of Hip Hop, Rap, and RnB. Thanks Ananyah for sending it my way!

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  1. What do u think of the song One and Only with Fallout Boy I never expected to like it this much!

  2. LOL i loved how he mixed everything.. a little Dance with Justin, a little Indian with Amer & Jim Beans and slow jams with that Nicole chick malat Pussycat Dolls (Scream) oo Apologize, oo ham ba3ad rock with Fallout Boy & The Hives.. bs a7la shay “Time” with She Wants Revenge.. it’s weird but nice hehe

    the album, over all is very nice, and i think suits all tastes but with the trademark Timba touch on it..

  3. Laialy: Its good! you should get it!

    Jacqui: I love that song, I really wasn’t expecting it! I wasn’t expecting a lot of what I heard! Its great!

    Swair: its a well done album and he put his heart into it!! Thats just sweet!

  4. So far I have 5 tracks from this album and they are:

    – Give It To Me
    – Release
    – Apologize
    – One & Only
    – The Way I Are

    It’s a nice album indeed even though I’m not a big fan of Timbaland in the first place :)

  5. It’s good to know that you are into Rap music :-) Timbo started way back .. even before he hooked up with Aaliyah. , Aaliyah’s main producer when she first came out was R.Kelly on her debute album “Age Ain’ Nothing But a Number” . then she hooked up with Timbaland when he first started to go major with Ginuwine’s first Album “The Bachelor” and then came Missy.

    There’s No doubt that Timbo’s music is one of a kind . He’s the best in what he does and his sounds are Unique .

  6. I thought the album was amazing … except the song with Dre/Missy.

  7. Big fan of Timothy Mosley or as we know him Timbaland!!! Great talent! :D

  8. Fungus said “…Ginuwine’s first Album “The Bachelor” and then came Missy.

    E wallah kanat fatra shwai 9a3ba bs ilfa’6il lallah el7amdillah marat o wayid istanast ini shta’3alt ma3a nas professional. Timbaland 5osh rayal wallah 6ayib o ya36i MIN GALB. When you get to know him personally, you’ll know what I mean.

  9. ur welcome! even if you were pushy :P~

    Laialy, u can download it on my webby

  10. Angelo: those are some good songs! Yeah he is gaining a different crowd!

    G-Funk: yeah I remember he started with a few other people, with Missy and Maggoo, he was doing a good job with that but he had amazing skills from the beginning!

    K: I wasn’t too happy with the song either!

    Nora: loool! Yeah he is great!

    Missy: looool! Great person for sure!

    ananyah: Thanks girl!

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