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Simple Day


I have had a bit of rough week at work but I know it isn’t done yet. I wanted to do one thing which is watch Ghost in the Shell: SAC 2nd GIG with my two friends since we have been postponing it a bit and the story is nothing short of amazing.

After work I was helping out with my cousin get a projector for her home since my cousin wants something for movies but nothing too insane so I knew what my cousins’ needs were and we went to ETC to check out what they had and we came to a decision what worked best for now and the guys at ETC were really good and had all the projects setup to demo the movies.

Then I went home and I was busy checking out all the maintenance work that has been going on in the house over the past three weeks, I dont think I knew this many kinds of paint, paste, cement, and all the different maintenance things going on in the house. I want to make sure I take care of this since I’m currently alone in the house and they won’t bother anyone in the house.


After that my friends came around 6:30pm and we watched anime for about 4 hours straight and we even had some KFC which was just what was need to keep on watching. This anime is nothing short of amazing and the story keeps you pulled in, I would doze off a bit because I was tired but they would beat me with the remote if necessary to keep me up to watch! I was tired but I really wanted to watch and I was happy as hell I did watch it. I drove them nuts though I stopped playing the series just as one episode ended at a peak we have been waiting to get to! Now they are going to drive me nuts to watch the next couple of episodes, so hopefully sooner rather then later.