Transformers: The Game


This is the game that is being developed for the X-Box 360 because of the new movie that is coming out. I hope that this game is as good as it looks! I’m really looking forward to the movie, so I’m assuming that the game is going to be pretty damn good as well! The reason I’m thinking that is because I like everything which has to do with the transformers. This seems to be a well developed game since you can be either Autobot or Decepticon and you have master your character’s weapons and transformation in this open enviroment!





Link: TeamXbox

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  1. I’m sure you’re so excited about this one!!? ;)

    Are you going to order it as soon as it’s out??

  2. lfc-q8

    movie games always suck i hope this dosent

  3. Mo Hat

    only movie game which didn’t suck and was better than movie was the chronicles of riddick..and also Spider-Man 2 which was a fun game.

  4. Nora: hellll yeah! I’m going nuts I want to watch it! Yes I am!

    Deera Chat Family: Its going to be an intesnse summer!

    lfc-q8: I hope this one doesnT!

    Mo Hat: I agree!

    Laialy: one of them yes, but the rest no!

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