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Retro SBK


This is a superbike develop for the rider that wants a custom made machine taylored to his every part and it comes in three different versions built by an ex-racer who knows how to build a reliable machine for those with the higher taste. This a machine that could carve up the roads and it would only be comfortable when you are pushing this machien hard. Just a real piece of art, with the combination of carbon fiber and an aggressive design. This machine is develop by Freddie Spencer who is the champion in the 250cc, 500cc, and Superbike in the AMAs, he knows what he is doing when it comes to the components that last in this quality machine.

The Three Different options:

  • The “19”
    Our “superstock” model, upgraded in nearly every way, making 180hp. With the options packages, an excellent jumping off point. Offered at $36,695.
  • The Retro
    A superbike in nearly every sense of the word, the performance and chassis are custom-tailored for your riding style and provide the out of this world performance.
  • The Freddie
    The Freddie is the premiere version of this tribute superbike series. Personally overseen and approved equipment chosen by Freddie himself. $113,995.

Link: RetroSBK