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Review: The Black Magician Trilogy



By Trudi Canavan

  • The Magicians’ Guild (Book One)
  • The Novice (Book Two)
  • The Highlord (Book Three)

The Guild of Magicians is regarded very highly and usually only the nobility from different areas are able to send their children their to develop their talents. They rarely take people from the common folk because it is rare they have any magical powers which makes a difference, until this one girl, Sonea, caused them a ruckus and managed to break one of the magicians barriers without any formal training. So the story starts from there and it gets really interesting since you see both sides of the story and you get to see the underlying story of the Magicians’ Guild. I really like how Canavan made the setting so that you can’t tell what time period it is in, its as if its a modern time but architecture and engineering is fused with magic so it has a different type of development and your not sure what type of technology they may have. Also you really get a feeling for the characters but you feel there is more to them so you keep on reading. Then you feel there is mystery to the people in the Guild and to something happening in the background, you are kept on your toes and when magical battles take place you are imagining every moment. I read these books in the summer of 2005 but I was happy I read them then because I couldn’t put the books down and I was happy I had all three books, it would have been torture to be waiting for each book to be published, there would be nights I would read for 6 hours and just keep on going thinking I could sleep later. If you like fantasy then this is the type of book that you would really enjoy and the story is fresh and it keeps you wanting more, the ending is great and I became of the other because this was her first publication and I’m happy I found it.

Link: TrudiCanavan