Tying The Knot


At this point I have been got some shocking news that two guys I know very well havie tied the knot! I was surprised since it was two guys that didn’t even hint that they were settling down, and one guy seemed like he would never settle down. I’m honestly happy for both of them, but like anyone who just gets engaged they won’t answer their phones or it was always call waiting!

With one guy I was the last to find out and I grilled him for it. And another guy I got through to him today and he was saying everyone is surprised since it wasn’t expected. Now the ratio is tilting towards those who have spouse, and the single ones are dwindiling down in numbers. Its a good occasion and I’m happy for these two guys, they are good guys.

Now we shall see how they are in their soon married lives. Its interesting seeing how people change when they are married especially guys since they have different responsibilities and have other duties unlike before. I think too many other guys take pleasure driving them nuts.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Faisal

    el fal lik

  2. Carlsb3rg

    As soon as I read they title I said.. AFFAAAAAA`…
    Then I realized it’s not you..
    7amdella there are still some sane people out there..

    These topics give me the shivers.. :(

  3. marriage is a corrupt institution that must be destroyed!! – no lol i’m just teasing ;) ;)

    Mabrook to your friends – they sound like they are happy. I know what you mean about how the number of single people one knows start to dwindle, most my girlfriends are now married (so young!) and even the women start changing because they also start having different responsibilities and such. However, its nice to know that you can finally settle down and look forward to a new beginning with a significant other.

    dare I say il fal lik? :p

  4. LooooooL
    i read the titles and thought *wahaaaaaaaaaaa2*
    hahaha but then i read the body and it made sense
    Yallaa Allah ewafeghom inshallaa

  5. I think some change too much! I don’t like it! If you had dreams or passions, it doesn’t mean you have to give them over because you got married… If you had friends it doesn’t mean you should never call or see them again… I think you should share your life not give it up! I love my husband, but I’m still getting a bike! And I always try to make him see his friends more often, because we share a life not own each other’s lives!

    About fresh love and always on hold, and never hear about friends that’s normal, but as long as it won’t stay for ever like that… I would kick my husband out if he doesn’t give me my space!

    Are you going to give up your friends and bikes when you get married? ;)

  6. I guess its not about giving up your friends and hobbies but its more of an additional responsibility and a huge one at that. So yes, you’re going to be spending a lot less time with friends and hobbies as compared to when you didn’t have a wife and that is natural. However, I do agree with Nora that each person still needs their space.

    We must understand that ideally, a marriage should have a synergy effect where both partners form a bigger whole, yet they are still individuals in their own rights and should both try to help the other in being who they are. A lot of ideal talk and takes a lot of effort to achieve all this.

    So when are we hearing it from you Marzouk my bro?

  7. MARZOOG! i had no idea this was ur blog! shlonik 7aji by now u probably guessed whom i am… long time 7aji. hehehe about our 2 freinds… the dark skinned one …. … IF LOOKS COULD KILL… who would of expected? ama the snitch…. hehe i had a hunch… allah ewafighom they deserve the best. how r u ? hows KG?:P

  8. i miss my married friend,, they disappear

  9. So….are you thinking of getting married soon :)

    I know what you mean, my brother (who is older by 4 years) told me that all his friends are getting married and are settling down and he was thinking to do so too. I was like “well, you don’t have to get married just because your friends are doing it.”

    Anyway 2alf mabrook to your friends.

  10. Jafar

    The question is are these two tying the knot together or with other partners ? haha haha

  11. if you do tie the knot make sure to invite all of us to the wedding lol.

  12. LOL i guess i wasnt the only one foooled..

    the page opened and the first thing i saw was the title and i was soo excited i thought you were gonna get married ;p

    but then i realised i got excited for nothing..

    3o2baalek !

  13. I found out just the night before and I am with him like 10 hours a day every day! I didn’t even know he was seeing anyone lol

  14. CyberRowdy

    and 2moro you dont yell! Rowdy didnt say that to me!!!! :) (sooooooooooooooooooooooon? no, but yeah…its coming close I guess :) )

  15. mabrouk for them w 3a2balak enshalla…:)

  16. Stallion: Seriously lots of them!

    BLaSha: Mashkoora, I think I wait on that!

    Faisal: Mashkoor, o lik inshalla!

    Calrsb3rg: loooooool! Its a good thing for them and I am happy for the guys!

    cixousianpanic: 7amdilla these guys want to settle down, its a good thing and I’m happy for them. When it comes to my case i tend to think let it happen when it happens. For now I’m thinking let me just enjoy this.

    Laialy: looooool! inshalla!

    Nora: I would like to say hell no, my friends will remain the same and my bikes will remain in the garage. There will be changes but I shall remain who I am!

    Sabah: Very well said, its about balancing your responsibilities. Its a careful mix of things! Man I am just going to chill for a while, got too many things to do and seriously too much work!

    Naser M: Hala Nasoor! How you doing? hehehe! I hope things are going well for you! People are just moving along with their lives these days! o ala ewafighum inshalla!

    vampire: some do and some don’t! I still see my married friends!

    Angelo: I really have no clue! Bes its about what stage you are in your life, Im still the working stage, not sure how things will move along, but you may never know, you might get hitched as well.

    Jafar: loooool!

    pearls:looool! It won’t be in Kuwait! hehehe

    Amo0ora: looool! mashkoora!

    Mark: I know seriously!

    Fadibou: looool! No, they got engaged to women, but two guys did!

    Cyber: looooool!

    MAZE: Thanks! U too!

  17. rakan

    akeed bu jassem!????!!!!!!

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