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Tying The Knot


At this point I have been got some shocking news that two guys I know very well havie tied the knot! I was surprised since it was two guys that didn’t even hint that they were settling down, and one guy seemed like he would never settle down. I’m honestly happy for both of them, but like anyone who just gets engaged they won’t answer their phones or it was always call waiting!

With one guy I was the last to find out and I grilled him for it. And another guy I got through to him today and he was saying everyone is surprised since it wasn’t expected. Now the ratio is tilting towards those who have spouse, and the single ones are dwindiling down in numbers. Its a good occasion and I’m happy for these two guys, they are good guys.

Now we shall see how they are in their soon married lives. Its interesting seeing how people change when they are married especially guys since they have different responsibilities and have other duties unlike before. I think too many other guys take pleasure driving them nuts.