Chugging Along


This week has been a bit on the hectic side! I have been going from meeting to meeting all day tuesday and hopefully we get things moving along.

After the whole day I managed to go get my haircut and shave since it has been over 2 weeks since I had a chance to go, that was a slightly nice break but I was hurried since I got off work around 5:00pm and then I wanted to get a bite to eat inbetween which I managed to, but then I went for the haircut and I had a meeting at 8:00pm which I had to be there early.

Then I only got home at 11:00pm it was a hectic day.

Today will be an interesting day as well since I have to be at work early and then I have presentation at 9:00am in front of a bunch of people, I’m sure how many but I really feel exhausted today. I know I will be leaving early today if I don’t get tied up. I got this event that I want to go to that has nothing to do with work, hopefully that will be fun.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. u mean Monday ?! “

    good thing i’m having a course this week and 2 other courses the upcoming 2 weeks so i’ll stay away from work

  2. did u talk fast in your presentation !! did ya did ya :p

    yeah i have a presentation next weeeeek !!! now that i say that, i am freaking out a bit

  3. vampire: I’m not sure now! looool! thats always good!

    Laialy: yes I did! And you know it!

  4. I’m starting work on 1st of May!!! But I will never work my ass crazy as you do! You are amazing! ;)

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