Freezing Room


At work with a have central unit which works based on its mood and the maintenance guys for the A/C comes every once in a while, so the company installed single units in different rooms and in our office its me and coworker.

The one thing I do is take the controller for the A/C and do with it as I please! So what has been happening lately is our room is turning into a freezer and its hilarious people stop the moment they walk in, and my friend is complaining that he can’t feel his feet. When he comes back from the outside it feels nice for the first 10 mins but then he feels really cold, I don’t really feel that cold, I like it this way and I have the controller to the A/C unit! And when I leave for a meeting or something I hide the remote in his desk so he has no clue where it is!

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Human can accomidate any circumstance, its all in your head wheather you want or not…

  2. LoooooooL
    you are evil
    i can’t stand the cold -_-
    when i am in Kuwait i usually end up sleeping with a comforter or wearing winter PJ’s and when i go visit my friend i refuse to sit in their living room because it’s so cold

  3. that’s really mean… maybe you have one extra layer of body insulation too many? ;-)

  4. You hide the remote in HIS desk??? That is truly ingenious, and truly EVIL!!!! Dying laughing.

  5. Qaiss: My head says I like cold enviroments!

    cixousianpanic: looool!

    Laialy: very much so, evil is understatement! I love the cold!

    moocherx: Yes I do have a lot of layers! What about it?!?!?! hehehe

    Intlxpatr: it works, that way he won’t change the settings!

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