Driving Manners…


I was stuck in traffic yesterday morning and there seemed to be a lot of cars at 7:10am in the morning even while taking different roads then usual. I was surprised there were this many cars, it seems everybody decided to work that day, and when at a traffic light that wasn’t moving much even when the light turns green there were some interesting drivers. There are people who would take the left lane exit and try to force their way into the front and people cutting you off left and right thinking they will make it to the next light. The funny part is the men and women who want to be rude and cut you off, and when you don’t let them they give you the dirtiest look, I honestly took pleasure in that. I just chose different lanes and moving into them comfortably knowing that I will get to where I have to be at some point.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. SKM

    i know what you mean….. but driving in kuwait is heaven compared to here in beirut, its like a mix of motor cross but with annoying scooters and a rally i dont know what they’re called the ones with subaru .. yeah that one..and with no traffic lights . Its like survival of the fittest here. imagine going through that every single morning.

  2. ugh… i know, ppl can be so rude, and they EXPECT u to move.. like they own the road, and they let u drive on it out of the goodness of their heart
    the people i hate the most are the ones that beam their headlights at u so u move! the speed limit is 100 dude! not 160!

    i hate driving!

  3. CyberRowdy

    I thought all idiots died in Kuwait, but no….they still exists per your post.

  4. Guten Tag

    I F******hate those queue jumping bastards. They remind me of so many incessent mosquitoes. Just hanging around the fringes, waiting a turn to bite.

  5. where are the traffic police when you need them?

  6. Driving manners? What are those? :o

  7. I hate driving because of those *&^(&6 *(&^%*&%87 that cut into queues!

    I wish I can fly :(

  8. SKM: Beirut is really hectic from what I have recently seen, its organized chaos! No one cares about traffic lights for some reason! That would be nuts!

    eshda3wa: Everyone seems to own the road here and they have this superior attitude even when they don’t know how to drive. loooool!

    Cyber: looooool!

    Guten Tag: They are annoying but not the end of the world!

    moocherx: drinking tea at the station!

    3baid: looool!

    EniGma: There would be a lot of crash landings if everyone can fly in Kuwait! I enjoy my drive every day! Can’t do much about traffic though!

  9. That dirty look is every where! It’s so crazy when they are the rude ones and actually some get successful to make you feel as the rude and evil one, by that stupid annoying evil look!

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