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This was the IMSA laucnh of the IMSA Lamborghini, it was supposed to be something special but I wasn’t sure of how the event was supposed to go. It seemed that BMW and Porsche had their vehicles there as well people who brought there super cars and there were some interesting vehicles there. Lots of people showed up and after unvailing of the vehicle.

Before going there I met up with K.theKuwaiti and we headed over. Then when the event got started there was a long line of cars heading towards the Kuwait Towers and then we stopped there. Then they blocked the Gulf road on the way back and we were all racing but I was happy as hell that I was on the bike, I knew that Pyro would be faster. It was entertaining but also I had to watch out from the driving of these guys in the supercars, I didn’t want any of them knocking me off my bike. It was funny that I was flying and popping wheelies next to cops while they were blocking the road, it was fun but it could have been better.

Lots of pictures after the break.











































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  1. Angel_Of_Deth

    Why do i feel that such events are never announced, if i see such an amount of super cars i would have ditched work in a sec!!!!

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  3. I love the picture where the Kuwait Towers ar reflected on the black car! 8th picture from the bottom.

    Wish I could have been there… :o(

  4. i was told that the guys from top gear ( BBC one ) are going to come , did anyone come ?

  5. LooooooooooooooooooL
    marzouq was your bike part of the show? :p
    pretty hot cars *drooling*

  6. Sin

    damn!!…if i was only back in kuwait:(

  7. wow,, that gt3 RS looks sick, my favorite among all the cars there,, except the LP460! maybe not,, saw it couple of days ago near soug sharg

    that was awesome,, lot’s of fun

  8. Sami

    I like the pic with the Murano… now you don’t see that everyday.

  9. zan

    i didnt notice that an event like this will happen in kuwait
    as i am an intrested person to those kind of cars .!!!!

  10. zan

    why there wasnt any announce for this event .!!!!!!!!!

  11. Why we were not informed
    We have many freinds bikers who they have also super cars were mot informed why!!!!!!!!!!
    this could be very nice if it would be known to all

  12. docxray

    Other than bragging rights (“Look at how rich I am!”), what is the point of having such powerful and ostentatious cars in tiny Kuwait where there is a lack of proper roads, motorways or circuits on which to enjoy and employ these mechanical wonders? It’s likely that the short warm-up and driving times that these machines experience will, in time, cause serious engine problems. That is the experience in California and Florida where such cars are used mainly for “showboating”.

  13. doxray, i’d agree except there’s nothing else to spend money on here in kuwait. It’s like saying, why buy a $20,000 chandelier when a flourescent strip light will do the shame job, in an empty room with cracks in the poorly-plastered walls.

  14. Angel_Of_Deth: I got the anouncement from word of mouth really, but I agree it was worth ditching work.

    Q8Sultana: Yeah, I like it too! I will anounce it next time I know earlier.

    K: I agree 100%!!!

    forzaq8: I don’t think they were there!

    Laialy_q8: nope! I was just there to race them for my entertainment!

    Sin: hehehe!

    vampire: It was sick for sure!

    Sami: looool!

    Amjad: I thought they were pretty bad because of so many people, it could have been a lot better.

    zan: They do take place every once in a while. I think they didn’t want the world to show up, and they sent out invitations to some people.

    trixter: I thought you knew! I think the event organizers were in top form, and didn’t know their target audience.

    docxray: You can enjoy these cars in Kuwait, I’m not sure if you have driven one during the three to four months when the weather is cool and its fun to drive top down. Also if they live in Kuwait doesn’t mean they can’t enjoy it. These machines have developed far past the old technology and don’t suffer as many problems as you have mentioned. People do enjoy that is the funny part, they drive their vehicles nonstop.

  15. NO COMMENT!!! I just want to die! :)

    I’m in love, and I can’t get the one I love… So I think I’ll just go to bed now and dream about him in another life! ;)

    The pictures are amazing! :D

  16. OMG i soooo wanted to go but i heard you can only go if your were invited !!

    i was round the corner but i didnt wanna go and then not be allowed in !!

    next time let us know cuz i wanna go ! thats like heaven for me

  17. Nora: loooool! I’m happy you enjoyed them!

    Amo0ora: I think you could have just went they didn’t check the invites really!

    MacaholiQ8: didn’t seem like it really, it could have been better!

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