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The Temp


I had a few things to fix on the Landcuirser:

  • The Horn stopped working
  • Two cracks on the window
  • Alignment (Im going up too many sidewalks)

I’m doing this since I’m driving to Bahrain at night for a meeting at work the next morning which will be an entertaining drive. Four of us are going for a meeting the next morning.
Aside from that I have been driving a Chevrolet Caprice and I have to say that it does have a few nice options, but it is plastiky, too much plastic. Its a 2004 Caprice with only 16K km on the odometer. The one thing I miss is having the option to go on the sidewalk with the landcruiser. For a V6 this car is surprisingly fast, but unlike German cars when you are going 100 km/h you feel like your going 200 km/h. I honestly wouldn’t buy that car, but I would like to try out the new Caprice since they say its a lot better. At least I can control the sound system from the steering wheel, and there are a lot of cup holders which is always nice.