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I forgot about this order from a little while ago since I ordered the book from an independent party. I wanted to get the Ubuntu Linux Bible since it had so many reviews from technical and non-technical people, its more for personal use of Ubuntu the server level use. This comes with the Ubuntu CD and all the necessary steps to take care of the install and any issues you run into. I usually do installs of this kind from details on forums and online information, but I usually like having references and this is a really good reference book.

The PC I want to install it on is the media PC which I haven’t been using much. it will be a dual boot, but I’m also thinking of installing Vista Ultimate and I think I have to install it first. This is just a nifty project to work on because I will testing both systems for myself. I know that Ubuntu is good and I’m looking forward to using it, but with Vista its a matter of seeing it screw up at a certain point.