Friend in Maui



A friend of mine just emailed me telling us that he is Maui for work taking out some clients. He works for a software company in the states, and the first thing I texted him when I saw the pictures was “I see a hurricane coming your way very very soon.” He is playing on the PGA golf course with some of his coworkers and enjoying the weather. And he texts me back “Getting a littlle hot where you are, isn’t it!”

A visit to a tropical Island would do very well right now.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. i hate ur friend

    i’m planning to take a vacation mid May but don’t know where to go!!

  2. LoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooL
    i’ll be playing Golf on the 28th ;) but not in Maui

  3. I think you should do it! Take some time off and get away from the world! You need it! ;)

  4. Golf Sucks!

    Zouk, I know where we should go instead of London hahahaha

  5. always wanted to go.. looks absolutely gorgeous.. ya ba5ta your friend!

  6. vampire: I want to hurt him! I recommend some where far away!

    Laialy: nice! hehehe! I wanted to beat him! hehehe

    Nora: Im trying to figure out where!

    ananyah: loooool! Golf is fun!

    eshda3wa: yeah its nice!

    MSB: yeah its nice! Its good to live in california!

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