2007 Katech Performance Street Attack Corvette C6 Z06



This is a modified Z06 to be a civilized monster on the streets made by Katech, and they have participated in the Le Mans 24 race so their engines are hand built by these experienced engineers. The Z06 is a monster of a vehicle in the first place and bumping it an extra 100 horsepower to 600 bhp makes it even scarier. I would want to try this machine out.

Link: SeriousWheels

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  1. i’m in love with the z06 and i find it to be the best sport car available now

    ugly hood

  2. definitely a great car.. i just can’t trust an American car around a corner, but thats just me..

  3. vampire: yeah, its best bang for your buck really! The hood is just something different for it really.

    Weld El-ma6aba: You just have to know how to drive it but yeah, you can lose control easily. Its a monster for sure!

  4. the zo6 out runs the new F340,, it handles corner pretty well

  5. i’d love to see video of it
    better yet i’d love someone take me for a ride in it :p

  6. hmmmmmmmmmmmm
    i dont really like how it looks.

  7. vampire: Its faster, but handling is for those who know how to control!

    Laialy: hehehe! I would love to drive it!!!

    no3ik: You would love how it drives!!

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