In Bahrain


We didn’t have much time to go around, but all three people who I traveled with have been to Bahrain before. So when we came in at night we were going from bridge to bridge. I have to say that I didn’t expect Bahrain to be this small, but I had no clue where I was going and I was exhausted at night. The guys were directing me to the hotel and when we got there we dropped our things and passed out at 4:00am.

8:00am I woke up and I had to wake everybody else up for our meeting, we finished our meeting around 2:00pm and then we headed towards Seef Mall. I had no clue where everything was but the roads are pretty nice and there is a lot of construction. Also people seem to be well mannered on the road, everyone was signaling and pretty nice towards each other. When we got to Seef Mall we didn’t go in we just went straight to Johnny Rockets to get a bite to eat before heading back to Kuwait.

I have to say that most of the Bahrainis that I met were very nice and always very helpful, even the police were very helpful. At a checkpoint at night I was asking them a lot of questions which was surprising. Overall I think I need to visit Bahrain again, and I need to see the track since I want to drive on the track, they were telling me you can rent a car.









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  1. the rumor is that people in Bahrain are not as good looking as Kuwaitis, is it true? :p

  2. heeey!! Laialy.. e7tarmaw wejoody 3al aqal!! ;)

    Marzouq: aneh agool eshfeeha el Bahrain emnawra! now i know.. but u didnt stay long? next time let me know before u come & i’ll set things up for u.

  3. Laialy: loooool! I don’t know! hehehe!

    MSB: loooool! thanks! I will let you know, bes maaby akalfich mashkoora!

    BLaSha: I think 99Kgs now! hehehe

  4. la kalafa wala shay.. el Ba7rain deeratkum el thanya o we’re here to help make ur stay more delightful! :) glad u finally made it here.. even tho u didnt get to see much.

  5. CyberRowdy

    I dont even recall how many times I visited Bahrain…may be like 40+ times….during 2004 end I travelled 4 times a week!!! The people are sooo nice and pleasant…and well behaved. They are always helpful…probably bcoz they are not as rich as Kuwaiti dudes? no offense though…u know what I mean.

  6. MSB: Thanks! I will email you when I do go! :)

    Jacqui: Food was good!

    Cyber: I know what you mean, but I also think they have a different mentality. Like anyone we have the good and the bad but the bad stick out!

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