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Lost Items


After all this time, this is the longest time I have ever had a pair of sunglasses and I was very happy with them. I can’t even remember the brand, but it seems that I have lost it forever. I lost it on Tuesday but I just thought I misplaced it and last time I thought I had it was when I was stopping by a starbucks picking up something to drink in the afternoon. I searched for it at work, in the meeting rooms, in my car, I checked the starbucks, and I even searched everywhere in the house but I can’t find it.

I really don’t like shopping for sunglasses, and I enjoyed the one I had. I picked it up from LA in 2005 but now I have to find another one. I don’t know when to go, but all I know is Alamiyah for glasses. I think I will be without glasses for a while because I’m so damn lazy to get new ones.