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Little Guy


It has been a nice few days since I have been seeing my nephew a lot and I just can’t seem to say no to the little tyke. He runs around and I chase him just to make sure he doesn’t hurt himself too much. When they are young they are simple to please, he loves balls and likes to play with balloons. So when we took him to the toy store all he wants is those plastic balls, even though I want to get him something bigger! It gets to me when we walks over and wants something but he hugs before that, he knows I have a soft spot for him, a real big soft spot. I don’t think anybody has made a clown out of me as much as him, and I love it when he laughs! I want him always laughing! The one thing that drives me made is other people on the road when I’m driving with him in the car, I want to beat them like a pinata when they drive badly, I really want to hurt them, and I drive protectively but still I got nuts.