Pokemon Jet




I really need to go to Japan! Seriously I love the antics of the Japanese and the extent of their marketing, I was going through flickr and saw this picture! I really couldn’t believe what I saw, a whole jet painted with a Pokemon paint scheme, and it wasn’t one jet, it was two jets! They are different paint schemes, so the Pokemon craze must be big in Japan. I want to go there as soon as possible.

Link: Flickr

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  2. Funny.. lol

    I wonder if those planes are commercial aerial carriers.

  3. How awesome is that? Dude, if you ever get to go, you HAVE to take me with you!

  4. Yeah, those jets exist since GameBoy Color days I presume but I think they change the design this time around. This airplane also used in taking Pokemon Trainers all over the world to Japan (or sometimes Sidney) to compete for world tournaments. I also heard that if you have your Gameboy/DS with you while boarding the plane, you will get the chance to score a rare Pokemon transferred to your game cartridge.

  5. lebinbah: yup!

    EniGma: hehehe!

    Laialy: yeah its a japanese airliner!

    Amjad: Yeah they are commercial carriers!

    DrunkNGorgeous: looool! We would be playing video games for days!

    Angelo: wow! that is insane, now that is real marketing but pokemon makes a ton of money!

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