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Technology Interest

There are two things peaking my interest right now:


  1. SSD Hard Drives, these hard drives are thin and lightning fast to access information on it. They are expensive for the larger sizes that we have come to be acustomed to but with time they will drop in price. From Q3 2007 and onwards many laptop manufacturers are integratinggooglephone.jpg
  2. Google Phone: I just keep hearing rumors about this phone, and where there is smoke there is fire. This phone is supposed to have all the Google apps integrated into it, and I’m hoping Google develops the main Operating system for it. I really enjoy using google applications and find them very useful so a phone made with Google Applications from A to Z would be great. From what little information is out there, they are saying it will be made by HTC, I just hope it won’t just be Google Apps running on Windows Mobile O/S. Whats good is that they seem to be concentrating on the software rather then the phone itseld, I hope they knock the iPhone off its high seat.

Link: GooglePhone