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There was an interesting presentation that was going on regarding a company going IPO, and since a family member was very much involved in it I decided to go. I have to say that I am not very well informed about financial details of companies, its a lot of numbers which requires digesting. I felt like an idiot, but after the presentation I understood more then when I went in which is a good thing. Now I have an idea of how companies go to IPO in Kuwait and what sort of information you need and what shape the company should be in to IPO in the market.


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  1. rakan

    zoom 3ala bo-7moodi:))))))

  2. i heard bout this company isn’t it related to Noor investment?

  3. rakan: eeeee!!!

    MAZE: nope! not that one! I don’t even know that one!! hehehe

  4. Khaled

    It’s Future Communications Company (FCC). They are a local Nokia distributor and contractor for Nokia Networks.

  5. Mubarak Yusuf

    I am pleased to visit your web site and admire your valuable services rendered to visitors. Understood that you have participated in a seminar related to IPO. Please advise what are the formal mandatory requirements for qualifying for IPO in Kuwait? Can a fresh company go for IPO to raise capital? is capital raised is refundable if company bust up?

    Appreciate your valuable assistance.

    Thanks & Regards,

    Mubarak Yusuf

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