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I have had this weird hearache from yesterday, I took a nap and I felt better but it was still there. Really strange, I’m not sure from what, it was just looming over my head for the rest of night. I don’t know why it wouldn’t go away, then the pain would start at my neck and go up to my head. I didn’t want to take anything, I know was being stubborn but that always seemed to be the case. I had a light dinner, but it still didn’t help that much. I took two tylenols before going to sleep and that helped a bit.

I woke up in the morning with the headache and I even tried dragging myself from bed and I just couldn’t seem to get up and go. After a little while I got up and the shower helped, but I was driving slow because of it. And now at work I took two Advils to clear my head, it got a bit better but I still don’t know whats the reason. I need a vacation, but where exactly I’m not sure.