Eating Light


I have been trying to eat light the past couple of days, making sure I can get up from the table and walk after I eat. This time i was pretty good, some chicken, corn, and taboula. It was a strange combination but it really was good. I especially enjoyed the corn but when you fresh corn you spend the rest of the day cleaning your teeth. This type of lunch seemed healthier then what I have usually, now I have to start going to the gym again.


A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. mashalla 4 corns ;p~

    I love taboula *drool*

  2. take this advice if u want to feel light after a meal! don’t drink before and after

    the gym!! i’m thinking of joining again too but :/

  3. Vampire actually no. It’s advised that you drink a cup of water half an hour before every meal. It fills you up so you wont eat much and it reduces hunger a little =) The drinking w/ food though is right- it produces a karsha =P But they’re cuddly n cute hehe ..

  4. The chicken looks gewwwwd :)

    The thing with having it set in your mind that you can ONLY work out in a gym is that it makes you feel like anything less would be not worth it. It’s better to start with what you actually can commit to given your time constraints and just go walk on any nearby mamsha or even around your neighbourhood so you don’t waste too much time on traffic and parking. You can challenge yourself by gradually walking more and more laps per hour. And if you need to do weight lifting they sell dumbells at Sultan Center really cheaply too so you can just keep those at home. It just makes working out a lot more convenient when you can do it closer to home and if it’s convenient you’re more likely to stick to it.

  5. Go with Missy’s advice, I used that method too and it worked. Another thing that I found suppress hunger is eating a salad (I love tuna salads with 1000 Islands dressing) before a meal…it works beautifully. And I do remember you were keeping an online journal about your gym progress like months ago. If you started to go to the gym again, bring that journal back, it was a source of motivation for many people based on the comments :)

  6. eeemmmmm yummy… I’m so hungry !!!

    3awafy :)

    (shshshhsssshhh don’t tell anyone I was here.. I’m being invisible for a while :P)

    (miss ya)

  7. never fails.. your food pics always make me hungry and your home decor pics always make me want to sleep. if that’s your intention, then you’ve succeeded big time! :)

    the chicken looks incredible… yabeela rob + kheyar as well! yum…

  8. ananyah: Love dem corns! hehehe! taboula was good too!

    vampire: yeah, its always the but! I want to go too!

    Missy: your right drink an hour before, but I can’t help but drink with it! loooool!

    Mark: hehehehe! Yes food!

    1001: I don’t like walking! And I prefer the gym because of the atmosphere! The time is the problem, I need to make time!

    Angelo: I will do that again, I will bring back the gym journal! It will help!

    DiiGMaa: looool! Ok! same here, see you around!

    nibaq: NEVER!! THATS BLASPHEMOUS! hehehe

    MSB: loooool! Sorry! hehehe! Its a side affect! roobbb.. hmmm I didn’t think about that, I will add that to list next time!

  9. OMG that just made me so hungry … i don’t think i should be this hungry at 5 am :(

  10. its 3:14PM, still haven’t had lunch, dont think will have lunch till 6. Picture of the chicken and corn making me all hungry now..

  11. Missy-The-Original: Bas a few days ago I heard on the radio that u should not drink a lot water before a meal cuz it washes away the gastric juices (or something!) from your stomach, and these r important for digestion.

    Marzouq Bel3afya! I love tabouleh bas when I saw how it is made I will ONLY eat it at home. Or from bait khalty cuz its better :p

  12. Laialy: loooool! sorry!

    Mark: hehehe! Don’t stare!!!! hehehe

    EniGma: What radio are you listening too! Alah e3afeeech!!! hehehe! Alot of people say that, they only taboulah at home!

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