MV Agusta Kuwait


After riding this weekend with the MV Agusta group I decided to visit their new showroom with Mark and a friend. Our friend was thinking about getting an MV Agusta Brutale and they had a nice list of machines over there:

  • Brutale 750S
  • Brutale America (Limited Edition)
  • F4 SENNA
  • F4 R312 (Limited Number)
  • F4 750S
  • F4 1000R
  • F4 1000S
  • Cagiva Raptor
  • MV Agusta Website

And a few more machines! The manager is Patrick and he is extremely friendly and passionate about bikes, you can sit there all day and talk about bikes with him. He has a love for motorcycles that can only match mine. We were talking about calipers, shocks, and different pistons for a little while and they have a very friendly staff. They seem to service other bikes as well but whats nice is they are working on their operation as well and trying to get things off the ground. The showroom might be small but you can see a lot and the people working there love what they do, its very apparent and nice. They are a young operation but they are concentrating on service and have a nice selection. Its nice to see that we have other choices out there as well, and good service. The one thing that shocked me was seeing a Cagiva Raptor, that is one beautiful machine and it takes a special person to love it, I have only seen one over the past 4 years and I didn’t expect to see one in Kuwait.
















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  1. can’t see more beauty,, they’re so damn sexy and head turning machins

  2. so many bikes so little money

  3. oo oooh, that red, blue, and white one looks very petite as if it was made for girls,; SEND ONE OVER HERE!!

  4. Vampire: yes they are!

    Mark: EXACTLY!

    Mathew: yes it is!!

    Laialy: beautiful machines!!

    nQ: loooool! Its all yours!

  5. Slip Stream

    true…they were made for girls….

  6. Slip Stream: Well its a matter of taste, and I would respect the girl that could ride these machines, they are no joke!

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