Quick Bite


I came back from work early since I had a few things to do later in the day and I wanted to get a bite to eat before going out. So this time it was a different kind of chicken with corn, spring rolls, and salad. I ate real quick since I didn’t have much time, but it was nice just watching a little anime for a break in the middle of the day, even though it was for 20 minutes and at that time in the day the headache let up, which was also a nice thing.




A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. wil akheer ma3ak? meta betyooz 3an sewalfek ?!

  2. jewaira


    But don’t you know it is not good manners to tempt us so without offering us a bit to taste at least!! Looks good :P

  3. i’m hungry now….. do you eat everything on those plate in the photos yourself??

  4. lol @ mooch

    Marzouq,, i was on diet so take this another tip: eat slowly,, u’ll feel full with less amount of food

  5. are those spring rolls home made? they look so GOOD … who makes them? i want a recipe if possible

  6. i love spring rolls! yummy just had them yesterday with sweet chilli sauce. R

  7. wait.. that was a quick bite? hahaha!


  8. MSB:ma’agdar awagif!!! hehehe

    jewaira: alah e3afeech! I will have a big invite later!! hehehe

    moocherx: hehe! Maybe!

    vampire: Can’t eat slow, tastes too good!

    Laialy: heheh! yup home made! I will get you the recipe!

    EniGma: loooool! yup quick bite!

    Ananyah: looool!

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