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Purchasing a Laptop


I have been asked a couple of times by people who want to buy laptops, and what specifications to look for and what brand in Kuwait.

The first thing I ask them is do they really need a laptop or can they do with a desktop, the second question is do you need a laptop right now or can you wait.

My Recommendation for waiting:

  • SSD incorporation in Laptops
  • OLED screens incorporated into laptops (new type of screens)
  • Improved type of Ram
  • More stable version of Vista
  • Apple Leopard will be released (So new Apple Hardware upgrades maybe in the works)
  • incorporation of HD-DVD or Blu-Ray
  • Decreasing the price of all this new technology

All this new technology is really being incorporated into the hardware over the past few months and will start becoming standard hardware over the next few months. I am telling people to wait at least until October or possibly the end of the year since there is a lot in the works. So if you want a laptop and can wait then don’t buy it and wait until the end of the year, even Dell is using SSD in their laptops.