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Ride & Shave

I usually go to work on my bike on thursdays but due to some meetings I had to be in formal wear which I didn’t mind. I was looking forward to riding though, so I worked as fast and effecient as possibel to finish up and head out of there. I had an appointment at the barber at 1:00pm and I left work at 12:25pm so I was flying home. I changed from dishdasha to jeans in 1min 22seconds, and then down stairs to get my gear on. That took me about two minutes, and then I was on the bike and flying, I left home at 12:45pm.


I had to fly to the barber, I don’t like being late for appointments and I especially hate being late for the barber. Its just something that I need to be on time. I was flying on the bike like a demon out of hell. I had my wits about me, but it was fun and thrilling. I wasn’t riding safe and I knew that, but I was riding hard. I passed a couple of bikes who caught up to me at the Showbiz light and they wanted to jump off the line and they said I looked like a red blur to them. I told them I’m in a hurry and they can jump off the line in they want. At that point I think the testosterone levels were high and I took off, I didn’t notice that my front wheel wasn’t on the ground until a few seconds later, and seconds felt like minutes. And I could see their lights behind which gave me a bit of satisfaction but I saw the time was 12:59pm, so I went even faster at that point. I made it to the barber at 1:03pm and he was just done with his last customer. I was happy I made it, even though I was a few minutes late, and then I realized how fast I was going and that I was a demon on the bike today. I enjoyed every insane minute of it.

Then I got the relaxing shave that I have been waiting for, and after the shave I was riding pretty mellow since I had a nice cool breeze where I just shaved. Shaving my head 5 minutes, shaving my scruffy beard 18 minutes, the clean feeling after I was done… priceless.