Big-Lebowski Figures


Who ever likes the Dude and Walter from the Big Lebowski should get this. This movie had a cult following, they either loved or hated this movie it was weird. I enjoyed it, it was different and you can get them for $34 in October.

Link: UnCrate

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  1. i couldnt make sense of that movie, wait.. or could be i was stoned at the time. anyway, jeff rocks !!

  2. blastic

    WOW my all time favorit movie

  3. blastic

    i think the point in this movie is not to have a point at all that ‘s why the movie is is so genius

  4. vampire: loool! Its a great movie for sure!

    Mathew: looool!

    blastic: its up there! Its one hell of a movie!

    mooodi: I’m lost too!

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