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R.I.P Sony Stereo


This is the first Stereo that I bought from Sony back in 1993 when the Chicago Bulls were winning the NBA championships, Kid N Play were making movies, and I was playing and listening to NBA Jam. I remember buying this Stereo from the old Sony Store in Old Salmiya when it was the only store, and I was so happy I had this stereo. Two tape decks, three CDs, and the works. I couldn’t be happier, but now its 2007 and thats why I like Sony. It lasted over 15 years before it broke which is pretty good. And my nephew loves hitting the eject button on the tape deck and making it go back in which is very entertaining for him.

What is going wrong:

  • If you tried to go forward in tracks it would go forward two or jump back one.
  • If you turn the volume in either direction it might go up or down based on what it feels like.
  • For the final part, the tape deck won’t close on one side so its pretty much reached the end

The speakers are still good though and I have my stereo that I brought with me from the states which is pretty good.