Review: Archangel


This is an interesting movie from Daniel Craig playing the role of Dr. Kelso who is a known historian on everything Stalin. This movie starts off with Dr.Kelso giving a lecture on Stalin in a Moscow University and he is part of a group of teachers from Harvard visiting Moscow. And the story starts picking up as it turns out that Stalin has a secret that nobody knows and Kelso is piecing all the parts together but there are people who want that information and those who want to keep the information buried. The pace of this movie keeps getting better, the characters are good as well you really get that feeling of dispair in Russia. It comes to a great end after discovering the secret that has been hidden for so long.

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A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Interesting plot. I never knew this movie existed until now…I better watch it soon.

  2. eshda3wa: very nice, you will like it!

    Angelo: yeah its pretty good!

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