TEAC Filltune HiFi Bone Conducting Headphones



“Teac Japan release the world’s first high fidelity bone-conducting headphones for the best audio interfaces available (which we’ve made a comprehensive list of specs about, available here in a review). Unlike the other bone-conducting gadgets, the HP-F100 is made for HiFi sound reproduction.”

The TEAC headphones seemed to transfer loud and clear music straight your bone so you won’t blast your ears out, and its foldable with about 10 hours playback with 3 AAA Batteries. I’m just not sure if its worth $499, I know you can listen to loud music and listen to world around you but its still a bit pricy. I would want to try it out though.

Link: UnCrate

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  1. looks like a good piece of kit… I’d just be worried about all that extra vibration my brain would be getting…

  2. oooh that sounds wicked, will def have to try itout.

  3. moocherx: I don’t think your brain will have any problems! hehehe!

    skunk: when you get it, let us know!

  4. bone-conducting headphones!!! that sounds a bit scary

  5. Laialy: I was thinking that you might get electrecuted! hehehe

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