Buffalo WZR2-G300N



Buffalo has come out with a new N router which is packing the normal features for a decent price. Buffalo AOSSTM, a four port 10/100 switch, WPA2, NAT, SPI firewall, and the normal features on a router. The one thing that sticks out for this router is the $100 price, which is great for a 802.11n router. I was hoping that it would have a four port Gigabit switch but for $100 I can’t really complain.

Link: Engadget

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  1. I don’t like Buffalo’s products! They trick you with nice prices but with very bad quality. I got their external hard drive last month which I thought was nicely priced only to find it rumbling non-stop on my desk. I vowed never to buy a stupid Buffalo again :/

  2. zouq
    i think u pasted the whole article as the engadget link :P

  3. murad

    im wandering kam qiyas il (ALMBY) for the router.
    sincerely murad :)

  4. I DON’T EVEN want to think about routers after this semester

  5. Missy: they do have good products, its just you have to pick the right one!

    Yazeed: to a certain amount! hehehehe! not the whole thing, but all I was thinking about was the damn price!

    murad: madree! hehehe!

    Laialy: loooooool! ya36eech el 3afyah!

  6. Pfft, lies.

    Buffalo’s routers are superior.

  7. murad

    man i really respect what you do here on your site. atlast a techi with tasttee …. router220 out!

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