Cocoon Hammock



This is one of the coolest hammocks I have ever seen. It has a very sturdy wooden base with stainless steel components and carries a 2.9 meter hammock. It has a cover but you can also attach some nice curtains to the frames which gives it this very nice private setting in the outdoors. I really like the look of this hammock but it has a very steep price for something this nice which is around $19’500. If you would use this very regularly then it is worth it for you, but if your not going to use it then its not worth it.

Link: UnCrate

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Nice! I bet that would be great for chalet or if someone has a big garden or sun deck!

    I was looking at portable hammocks at Sultan Center and I contemplated on getting one but decided against it!

  2. Too bad I can only tolerate the heat for 5 minutes :/

  3. once again, my birthday is june 4th. you’re so kind. thank you!

  4. Watya

    Perfect 7ag el shalaih, too bad el khama would never appreciate such a thing!! However, don’t be suprised if R&A, make a special patio and put the thing for themselves!! Typical R&A look!

  5. That is daaaaaaamn neat
    we have some very traditional ones in kuwait that my mom brought with her when she first came
    hammocks are awesome

  6. Carlsb3rg

    Now thats a nice way to spend your time with a woman :)

  7. A of R&A

    Watya: HOW DIDN’T I THINK OF THAT !!!!! Thanx for the idea i’m gonna start on it immediately ! I think we’ll do a Huvafen Fushi patio behind the satallites connected exclusively to our suite ! Will work perfect for thursdays after 10 :P !!!! Beware I might not leave our suite then !!!! C U THERE

  8. zoomzoom

    you will use it in kuwait only 3 month or less, so not worth the price

  9. Missy: yup!

    Stallion: screw the portable one, get a solid one!!! Like this one!!

    K: loool! You got someone for everything! Khan saweelina wa7ed!!

    3baid: It isn’t always hot!

    MSB: loooool!

    Watya: eee 7adhum ra7 yakhthoona! Bes yit6la3 7iloo bil shalaih

    Laialy: Yeah hammocks are nice as hell! Especially in the right setting!

    Carlsb3rg: exactly!

    A: loooool! You would be stuck there for ages! You wouldn’t go to work!

    zoomzoom: I think it would be nice for about 5-6 months! you still have the nights!! hehehe

  10. it looks amazing, it’d be so comfy for Kuwaits weather if u dip the drapes in water before hanging them… ba3dain lama e9eer hot breeze, inside the hammock it gets cool :D takyeef 6abee3i…

    ABI :p

  11. How can I take the solid one when I leave the house! Oh and anyways, my place doesn’t have enough space for such a thing!

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