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I was going through my phone and fixing numbers as well as getting rid of all numbers, but I noticed I do have a decent amount of numbers on my phone. And on
my phone I store multiple numbers under one name, in the W880i you have a max of 5 numbers under one name. Previously on my N73 I can store as many numbers as I want under one name, so I had to shift a few numbers around.

Phone Memory:

  • Contacts: 451
  • Numbers: 690

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  1. you just dont want to delete some contacts , u never know when u might need the number

    plus .. u have some ollllllld friends numbers .. which you dont know them anymore and there is no contact or friendship anymore. but u still keep them :p

  2. So how do you like it so far? Did it annoy you to death yet?

  3. jeeez, i have like 9 numbers saved :s and believe me i dont memorize anything!

  4. Laialy: looool! Lots of international contacts!

    Financy: i delete some which have moved on! I don’t keep people I am not in contact with anymore! When I change phones, I go through the numbers again!

    Jacqui: I really am enjoying it, I dont know what you find annoying?

    nQ: loooool! Too many people to remember!

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