Just felt like Riding


I really felt like riding since I didn’t get much of chance to go riding this weekend so I decided to go after finishing up lunch and I was enjoying the night. There was a little too much traffic for my liking but my head was completely into riding. I was just flowing from lane to lane and just feeling the speed. I didn’t even look down, I knew how the engine sounded and felt, I was doing everything naturally its as if your walking and you don’t think about what to do next with your feet, you just do it, and that is how I felt on the bike. I was just flowing from turn to turn, and I just kept moving. I wish we had curvy roads with no lights, that would be so much fun.

As I was riding the bike stalled once or twice, but that has happened since the bike is very new and they are working out the tweaks in the 1098s. Then suddenly when I was next to Lorenzo as I was shifting down the it stalled again but it wouldn’t start up. I tried a couple of times, but it didn’t so I managed to stop on the side and I tried starting it up but it didn’t. So I switched it off for a minute and when I switched it back on it started up after a bit, I rode for a bit then it stalled again when I stopped by the Casper and Gambini. I switched it off completely and started it up again, so I decided to keep riding towards home at that point. Since it was taken to service it is acting up more so I will taking back to the TriStar service and hopefully they can solve this issue, I know its a simple fix but I’m just pissed that I can’t ride it while its in the garage.










A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Pyro looks sad!!

    mine sets in triStar garage too,, it’s ready for delivery

  2. robo is sure looking lonely

    *hugs robo*
    *whispers to robo* it’s ok, we can run away together :p

  3. Come to Scotland, plenty of nice curvy roads with no lights :)

  4. 1. stalled/stopped at Lorenzo
    2. stalled/stopped at Casper and Gambini

    hmmm, I think Pyro is sick of all the Engine oil you keep feeding him. Try Capuccino instead :)

  5. vampire: looool! Its just dark!

    Laialy: looooool! I will be riding Robo soon! hehehe!

    Pearls: I will be for sure!

    Mark: looooooooooool!

    kodder: loool! Sweet, but if only it wasn’t so damn cold and damn

    Mathew: looool! I don’t know how a capuccino would work out!

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