I have to say that I really enjoy going to Boots in London because I know exactly what I want and I pick it up. I have been lazy the past couple of weeks since my supply of bathroom things are running low, and I needed some more items. So while I was at the avenues I picked up some FCUK Body Wash, Gillete Doedrant, Crest Toothpaste, and FCUK face wash. I’m happy I found everything in one place, I also picked up some Tylenol Extra and Advil from Boots which I was surprised they had since its an American brand. I don’t know why but I found it really funny that they were selling condoms, I never thought they would just have it on a shelf like that!
The shop is 80% woman’s things and 10% men’s things, and 10% other! Its worth passing by because they do have a few good things, but unlike the boots in london they dont have as much medical items as the original. Its nice to find everything in one place though.







A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. doesn’t it feel funny when you take pictures inside the store? or is it just me?

  2. guy

    why is it so weird to have condoms on shelves…

  3. Carlsb3rg

    ^ especially of condoms

  4. yeah the one in Marina has condoms too, even sultan centre and city centre..i think city centre has the largest shelf of condoms in Kuwait…

  5. jewaira

    GLad you are taking so many photos…makes your posts fun

    Sultan Centre also sells condoms. They should be available easily why not?

  6. Sin

    while i was in the U.K. ( a week back) i heard that they are planning to change BOOTS to BOOTY :s, no jokes

  7. zoomzoom

    zoug plz don’t listen to Laialy_q8, i love your blog cuase of the abundance pf pictures.

    “One Picture, 1000 Word”

  8. u made me addicted to FCUK products… bathroom is full of them…:)

  9. Laialy: Im used to taking pictures everywhere and it works! hehehe! I just make it inconspicuous!

    guy: because its Kuwait! I’m not used ot it! heheh

    Calsb3rg: loooool!

    Stafa: loooooool!

    jewaira: Happy you enjoy them, I love taking pics! Wish I could take more!

    Sin: looool! that would be hilarious!

    zoomzoom: I think she means how I can take so many pics! I just enjoy them too! hehe! Don’t worry not stopping anytime soon!

    MAZE: loooool! They are good! hehehe

  10. tell me how do u make it “inconspicuous”
    you’re a customer going to buy stuff, why are u taking pictures?

  11. Carlsb3rg

    “jewaira: Happy you enjoy them, I love taking pics! Wish I could take more!”

    Thought for a moment you were talking about condoms. :P

  12. Laialy: I love taking pictures of everywhere! The way my camera is I don’t have to hold it up to take pictures! So nobody says anythhing!

    Calsb3rg: looooool!

  13. It’s a shame they still don’t have a Boots cards here in Kuwait
    Will make life so much easier to redeem the points you
    have earned while shopping at Boots in London, and vice-versa.

  14. jumping translocation: I dont think you can transfer loyalty programs from continent to continent, most probably for now they won’t implement it but its a great idea really!

  15. What do you reckon is the business strategy of having more than
    one Boots outlet inside the Avenues mall phase -1?

  16. condoms on shelves!!!!…really, can they do that. I wonder what a parent could answer with if a child asked about it.

  17. Yea I love Boots! its so fun to browse their items since many of them are so interesting a7is’ha pamper-ish and relaxation-oriented

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